The Bearers

In the ensuing chaos of a botched assassination mission, two people flee for their lives. One, a former Marine sniper turned assassin; the other, a college student—the target. Thrown together without knowing why, and desperate to find the missing answers they need. Caught up in a race against time, ulterior motives, and power struggles — they embark on a journey that takes them to a place and people that exist beyond the bounds of known science and reality. Read More

Stormriders (Serial)

Stormriders digital adventure fiction series by Jen Lynn Anderson published on Channillo

Thousands of years from the present, our Earth is not the Earth we know. Most of the land mass has been swallowed by the oceans, and the surviving civilizations have fled to higher ground. In this hostile and dangerous new world, an unlikely alliance – between a fisherman’s son and a shipwreck survivor with secrets – may be the saving of them both… and of what remains of humanity.
Read More




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