Published works:

Off the Page (a story in poems) off the page (a story in poems)

This collection of poetry spans more than a decade. It crosses state and international borders. The poems are inspired by sights, events and experiences from my own life and the lives of those I care about. Read more.


Preparing for publication:

Notes on a Bar NapkinNotes on a Bar Napkin (a collection)

Bar napkins are quintessential to my writing process, it seems. Ideas for novels and song lyrics have been born on bar napkins. Poetry has been composed, with drink in hand, in the flush and spin and sounds of the night. Music interweaves itself with thought process. The buzz of the room mingles with the rush of capturing a moment, putting words to a vision before it escapes. I’m drunk on boundless possibilities. Drops of foam from a Guinness or two stain several of these tiny masterpieces, quickly cast aside for the next round of inspiration. But the point isn’t necessarily to see the ideas go anywhere. The point isn’t that they’re even any good. The point is that they were written.