Fiction (In the Works)

The following are projects that generated a spark. They are all projects close to my heart and in various stages of progress, ranging from a baby wisp of a story concept to a complete first draft!

Maybe they will be full-length novels someday. Maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll be short stories. Or epic poems. Or comic books. I have no way of understanding what they will become yet, but I know, as I work on them – word by word – they will whisper to me hints of their future forms.

Speculative/Science Fiction

The Bearers A Speculative Fiction Novel by Jen Lynn AndersonThe Bearers

In the ensuing chaos of a botched assassination, two people flee for their lives. Unlikely allies, they are caught up in a race against time, ulterior motives, and power struggles — and embark on a journey that takes them beyond the bounds of known science and reality. READ MORE


Fantasy Fiction


In a land torn asunder by war and strife – and the fate of an entire kingdom resting precariously on the edge of a sword – two young heroes discover their extraordinary destinies. As they follow their paths into the dangerous unknown, their futures will be forever altered, by circumstance… and by each other.


Within the vaults of Tsidyon’s history are the stories that have become legend. An origin story of a kingdom brought to its knees by the destructive throes of invasion by a malevolent otherworldly force, and the stranger who entered its borders as an outcast… and became its first champion.


 Novellas and story concepts (in development)


Before humans, who ruled the Earth? Who traveled the mountains and plains, and explored the seas and skies? Who told the stories, and who were the heroes? This is one tale of many lost, a story of joy and strife, of times fraught with danger and struggle on the cusp of humanity… and one hero of a different sort.


A depressed young woman decides to shed her old life for good, and boards a bus to California to see the ocean for the first time. She doesn’t count on what happens – and who she meets – along the way.


theextinct-02The Extinct

A retelling of a tragic opera, set on a different world, amid war, genocide, and sacrifice. And love.

What do you do when your one true love dies? And what if you have the ability to bring her back to life… but a very different life? One that isn’t hers…

Tell me what you know.

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