Guys, I have a lot to report on with my own writing, but for the moment Life With A Capital LIFE … in the form of craziness at work, near-emergencies with a puppy who likes to eat things she shouldn’t, computer crashes, and black widow spiders (don’t EVEN ask) … is giving me enough of a run for my sanity. I haven’t touched my blog in a month (and no, that’s not a metaphor… out of the gutters, people!). This is my work computer. I’m breaking the rules as I type this. Perhaps when I am fired for pissing off IT, I will be better able to devote my time and (slow leeching drain of) sanity to the creative process. At least there will be more time to hand-write my next novel on steno pads. Yes, the faithful MacBook Pro is toast. I am so sad.

The Short Report:

  • The poetry collection is printed, and I need an ecommerce platform STAT so I can get it to you online
  • I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo 2014 (plot outlines and character profiles at the ready), and
  • The puppy is fine (hide your bamboo kebab skewers, folks).



Tell me what you know.

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