The Bearers

“The Bearers” conceptual cover artwork © 2016 by Jen Anderson (all rights reserved).

The year is 2075.  The place is Earth… or so it would seem…

Ryan Towns is a Hunter, a contract assassin, working for a mysterious outfit called the Agency. He knows next to nothing about his employer, but the money is good, and so far that’s been enough. After a year on the job, Ryan doesn’t question the reasons for the missions he completes, nor does he dwell on the victims and their unknown pasts… until they receive orders to return to the United States for a high priority mission in San Francisco.

She is Ava Barnes, a college student and adopted daughter of a carpenter with an exceedingly quiet past, although she has begun seeking answers to questions that have lingered throughout her life. A life that alters violently when she finds herself in the Agency’s crosshairs.

In the ensuing chaos of an intentionally botched mission, thrown together without knowing why, Ryan and Ava flee together, to find the answers they desperately need. A need that implodes when, in the space of an extraordinary heartbeat, everything they ever knew or understood turns on its head. Ryan and Ava find themselves caught up in a race against time, ulterior motives, and power struggles — and on a journey that takes them to a place and people that exist beyond the bounds of known science and reality.

First Look: An exclusive excerpt from The Bearers




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