Tsidyon conceptual cover art (© 2015 by Jen Anderson. All rights reserved.)

In a land torn asunder by war and strife – and the fate of an entire kingdom resting precariously on the edge of a sword – two young heroes discover their extraordinary destinies.

Tristan and his beloved childhood friend Beyna are orphans and commoners, employed in service to the royal family of Tsidyon. When sinister forces threaten to destroy all they hold dear, Tristan must turn to the forgotten past and uncover answers about who he truly is, and what his lost family’s legacy will mean for the future of his country. But as deep truths are slowly uncovered, Tristan begins to suspect that Beyna has always kept dangerous secrets of her own.

As Tristan and Beyna follow their paths into the perilous unknown, they cannot fathom the ways in which their futures will be forever altered, by circumstance… and by each other.

Tell me what you know.

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