A memoir, a poetry anthology, and a novel. Oh my.

An update of sorts on a few things that are now closer to being – what every writer simultaneously yearns for and dreads – FINISHED.

"The Red Earth Sings Beneath Our Feet" front cover art. Copyright 2014 by Jen Anderson. All rights reserved.My Tanzania memoir project, “The Red Earth Sings Beneath Our Feet,” is almost press-ready! Cover art is done, table of contents is almost finished, and last read-through for copy editing is about to commence. I’m aiming to have the first run on the press and printed copies available for purchase no later than September 1st. Still working on costs/pricing, but the book will be under $20.00 per copy. The first run will be small, and print only (I’m still working on getting set up for e-book sales). Please contact me here if you’d like to pre-order a copy:

Or you can email me at jenandersonwritesabook@gmail.com.  And visit this post for a sneak preview!

On other creative fronts, the novel is slowly progressing. I will have information on the website as soon as possible. You’d think anything that comes after the completion of the first draft would be smooth sailing, wouldn’t you? Wrong. But I’ll be publishing an anthology of original poetry in the interim; more info on that ASAP, too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Sleep in, write, be happy!



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