Surviving parvo.

It has been a disgracefully long time since I’ve touched this blog. A lot of my writing plans, intricately plotted out along a timeline, have been pushed into hiatus for one reason or another. And please don’t get me wrong, many of them – such as work crises that include going into the office on weekends and skipping lunch breaks – are quite legitimate reasons. Not the least of which is the reason I’m choosing to write about here, because it affects another living being I have grown to love dearly, and almost lost because of it.



That is, parvo.

The canine parvovirus is a stealthy, insidious, diabolical disease. Upwards of 90 percent of dogs who are infected with it, and are left untreated, will die. It turns your healthy one-year-old fuzzy fireball of energy and sass into a bag of bones and skin, with barely the energy to lift her head. It is devastating for young puppies who contract it, puppies that haven’t completed their vaccination series. My healthy one-year-old fuzzy fireball of energy was fully vaccinated, received her vaccines on schedule from our veterinarian. And she contracted parvo sometime within the past two weeks.   READ MORE.